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Use Your Computer as a Credit Card Terminal

Managing payments is important to your business. JPOS Terminal makes it easy to accept credit cards at the point of sale with low setup costs. All you need is an Internet connection and a supported card reader. Whether you are accepting credit card payments for the first time need to replace your current POS terminal or could use an additional payments solution, JPOS Terminal is right for your business.

It’s Easy to Get Started

View our demo video to see just how easy it is, or let us know a little about your business and we’ll get you started. To get a better look at JPOS, you can also check out our how-to videos, which are always available to help when you have a quick question.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Collect payments quickly and conveniently
  • Accept card payments at your desktop or your laptop
  • Get started without complicated set-up and save on startup costs when you use your existing equipment


JPOS is Right for Many Kinds of Businesses

JPOS can be used as a POS terminal for professionals such as healthcare providers, legal offices, contractors and accounting firms. It also works for small retail stores, businesses selling at trade shows or expos, or merchants offering off-site or client-site services.

You Can Accept Card Payments and More

You can log in to JPOS to accept all major credit cards, signature debit and Gift Cards. For each transaction, you can elect to print the receipt or send a digital receipt to either your customer’s email address as an email or mobile phone number as an SMS text message. And when your business day is done, JPOS can automatically settle your credit card transactions at a specific time of your choosing.

To streamline your operations, you can also use JPOS to view your transaction history and perform searches on your open and closed batches. Plus, you get access to our comprehensive reporting suite, Client Line, which features the Instant Dashboard for real-time snapshots of your sales and settlement activity.

JPOS Helps Protect Your Customers and Your Business

The JPOS software is stored within the payment systems gateway, not yours, which simplifies your payments infrastructure and could reduce your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) scope. With each transaction, you can choose to verify the cardholder’s billing address and the card’s verification data, to reduce your exposure to fraud. And your customer’s data is truncated on the receipts and masked within the app itself, to enhance data security and provide peace of mind.

Customize Your JPOS

We offer a selection of equipment to tailor JPOS for your business. Contact us to purchase a card reader or receipt printer. By using a printer with JPOS, you can produce a signed, printed receipt – which may be necessary in the event of a chargeback or suspected fraud. As an added convenience, you can purchase  a thermal receipt printer to save paper and provide a better customer experience, compared to a standard desktop printer or send electronic receipts providing added customer convenience.

Want to Know More?

Learn more about how to accept credit cards with JPOS: