Looking for fast, secure and affordable payment processing at Internet speeds?

Look no further than Datawire, the latest innovation for retailers from Premium Card Solutions. Process and authorize payment transactions at the same high speeds that are available for e-mail and Web, while utilizing Premium Card Solutions’ state-of-the-art processing services. Datawire enables merchants with high-speed connectivity to safely process point-of-sale transactions via the Internet, eliminating the expense of a dedicated line and the time-consuming dialup process.

  • Advanced security – Before being transported via the First Data Secure Transport Network, every transaction is authenticated using a Datawire ID (DID). A DID is a unique customer identifier generated by the Secure Transport provisioning system and assigned to each client who uses the Secure Transport Network. To be authenticated as a valid user of the Secure Transport Network, the DID must be sent with each transaction request. The DID is arranged through the merchant services provider at time of activation, when Merchant IDs (MIDs) and/or Terminal IDs (TIDs) are provided.
  • Affordable – link id=”903″ attr_target=”_blank”] Datawire[/link] is vastly more affordable than frame relay connections, offering a real-world alternative for small and mid-size merchants. Because it utilizes Internet connections such as a digital subscriber line (DSL), Datawire allows merchants to free up valuable telephone lines and continue to take calls and send faxes while they are processing transactions.
  • Reduction in POS Transaction Time – On average, dial transactions take 15-20 seconds. Transactions transported through Datawire Secure Transport take on average under two seconds (including host processing time).
  • Increased Datawire Secure Transport is built on a global distributed network Datawire Secure Transport uses patented least-cost routing algorithms Full network redundancy No network outages since product’s inception in 2001

Every transaction is monitored in real time

  • Increased Security – Fully PCI-DSS compliant

Merchant connects into the Datawire Secure Transport network via SSL

Transaction is further encrypted and routed across the Datawire Secure Transport network

If you are a current Premium Card Solutions customer, please contact your Relationship Manager for more information about Datawire. If you are not a current customer, please contact us.