Keeping up with the latest advancements in technology is no easy feat. With Premium Card Solutions as your partner, we keep up for you. We offer a full spectrum of connectivity options to support your credit card processing needs, including broadband with dial backup, wireless, and high-speed authorization protocols.

  • Dial – The Premium Card Solutions 800 network offers fast and affordable connectivity over analog lines. Installation is simple, and coverage includes 100% of the United States and its territories. Small merchants will benefit from dialup’s affordable costs and ease of use.
  • Mobile – Eliminate fixed wire telephone lines, so you can process payment transactions from virtually anywhere. Faster than dial-up, mobile solutions also eliminate the need for a business phone and its supporting resources. Contractors, delivery services and merchants with remote locations (such as kiosks) will benefit from mobile technology.
  • Internet Transport – Process your POS payments faster than a dial-up by using Datawire , a secure, direct Internet connection to our processing centers. Or, you can process your payments online using a Web-based virtual terminal or directly through the Gateway Product Solutions.
  • Frame Relay – Complete transactions in 3 – 5 seconds using frame relay, a high-speed, efficient communication method. It eliminates the dial process so that users are continuously online. Coverage is available in the Continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. It supports multiple connections and offers dial backup support. Merchants with multiple locations and heavy transaction volumes will benefit from the speed and convenience of frame relay.
  • Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) – Merchants with multiple locations will benefit from the speed of VSAT, a network that provides rapid (4-6 seconds) satellite transmission of data, voice and video to and from corporate and field offices. Coverage is available in the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. It supports multiple protocols and offers dial backup capabilities.

Not all connectivity options are available to all merchants.