TransArmor® Encryption

Protect Cardholder Data from the Moment of Transaction

TransArmor®  Encryption is a cost-effective solution for your data security and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance . It encrypts and protects your customer card data at the moment a card is swiped or card number is captured in a format that works with your existing POS system.

The result: Vulnerable card data is never stored on your network – providing true security and peace of mind. If a breach does occur, encrypted payment data is of no use to identity thieves. The entire process is seamless and invisible to your customers who use their cards to pay for goods and services.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Seamless integration with most POS systems or easy stand-alone terminal use – eliminating service disruption
  • Significant reduction to PCI compliance scope – no need to store unprotected cardholder data in your POS system
  • A more secure solution than software-based technology
  • Secures all types of payment transactions – swiped, contactless and manually keyed transactions


Your quality security assessor (QSA) can tell you more about how your specific liabilities, PCI scope and compliance costs can change with the use of point-to-point encryption technology

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