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Premium Card Solutions understands the processing-specific needs and challenges of the public sector, and can help you increase sales and efficiency while reducing operational burdens.

Through our cost-effective, point-of-sale and online-payment processing products, we offer a more streamlined approach that can help education; transportation, utilities or other public sector companies get ahead.

We provide government solutions in nearly every area – from income and property taxes, utility payments, vehicle registration, traffic citations, child support, permits, business taxes, corporate filings and many more. In all areas, we offer recurring billing resources that can benefit you, allowing your customers to conveniently (and consistently) pay for recurring bills, such as utility bills, tolls, tuition and many more.

Why Choose Premium Card Solutions?

Choosing the right payment solution is about much more than simply finding a processor who can manage your transactions. It requires you to look at the “big picture” and find a trustworthy partner who can help ensure you are getting the best. Consider this:

  • We’re an industry leader. Premium Card Solutions is a leader in the payments industry in terms of depth of specific industry knowledge and experience.
  • We’re strong and stable. In a tough economic environment, we continue to invest in our systems, our products and our people.
  • We share your core values. We believe integrity, honesty and trust make up the cornerstone of the merchant-payment processor relationship. We serve you, and at the same time educate you, so you can make the most of your card processing opportunities.

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