Activate Your New Merchant Account

Getting started is easy once you have established a new Premium Card Solutions merchant account. If you need a new merchant account, simply complete a merchant account application to get started.

Activate Your Terminal or Service

Whether you have purchased a new terminal or switched your existing terminal service to Premium Card Solutions, we will guide you through your product installation after your merchant account is set up. Simply call us at 800.542.1894, 24/7, and choose Option 3 for Activations, and our Customer Service team will assist so you can start processing payments.

Receiving Payment

Using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) or FedWire systems, we will remit funds due for your MasterCard®, Visa®, Diners Card®/ Carte Blanche®, Discover®* and JCB transactions to the business bank account you designate.

Please note that in some cases when or if you process American Express® and Discover, these issuers will separately obtain your banking information and pay funds associated with their card transactions to your designated bank account.

*If full service