Credit Card Processing Fees


Is That Low Rate Really That Low?

If you’re new to credit card processing, have you seen a low rate that’s caught your eye? If you currently accept credit cards, have you read the fine print on your statement, and are you certain you’re getting the best overall deal?

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Low advertised rates may look attractive, but consider this: Many payment processors present their merchants with monthly statements that are so complicated that few merchants read them. Unfortunately, when merchants examine the fine print, they often find hidden fees.

What you’re really paying – your true, or “effective”, rate – is a combination of the fees you pay card companies like MasterCard® or Visa® (known as “interchange” and “assessment” and fees you pay your credit card processor. When merchants look more closely at their statements, they often realize this “true” rate is much higher than they thought.

We Want You to Know Exactly What You’re Getting

At Premium Card Solutions, we want you to be clear and confident about what you get and what you pay for. We do not offer fixed fees as we believe this is misleading and there are no hidden fees.

As a leader in the payment processing industry, we take a highly customized approach to bring you the best price possible. Our personalized programs give you the best payment processing scenarios that will net you the best rate possible.

By taking the time to talk with you about your specific business needs – how you manage payments, fulfill orders and more – we determine your best pricing options. For merchants already processing credit cards, we evaluate your current statement to review your current rates and find where we can offer you better service and a better overall value.

To receive a personalized quote from one of our helpful representatives, please contact us online today. Merchants who currently accept credit cards may need to provide copies of their most recent processing statements. This will help us better evaluate your card acceptance methodologies and trends, which in turn will allow us to provide you with more personalized programs.