Card Not Present Fraud (CNP)

Card-not-present fraud may occur when a merchant is selling goods or services online, by phone or mail. In today’s marketplace making a payment must be fast and easy but it also has to be safe. Customers need to know their account information will be protected, while you as the merchant need tools to confirm the validity of transactions.

Premium Card Solutions, one of the leading e-commerce processors, understands the nuances of potential card-not-present fraud. As our customer, you can leverage our extensive fraud management expertise as well as our effective fraud solutions.

Keep your transactions flowing smoothly and protect against card-not-present fraud with the help of the following products and services:

  • Address Verification Service (AVS) — Reduces the risk of accepting fraudulent transactions by verifying the cardholder’s billing address on file with the card issuer.
  • Card Security Verification — Compares the card security value, non-embossed 3- or 4-digit numeric code on the credit card, with the issuer’s value on file. Credit card verification programs are offered by the major payment brands and known as CVV2 (Visa), CVC2 (MasterCard), CID (American Express) and CID (Discover Card).

Card Brand Data Security — Support for your business in complying with Visa and MasterCard data security programs (CISP and SDP).