Point-of-Sale Fraud Avoidance

You can protect your business against both internal and external fraud at the point of sale by taking advantage of Premium Card Solutions’ advanced solutions.

State-of-the-art POS Equipment

Our POS equipment offerings deliver the most advanced POS fraud-prevention solutions available today, including:

  • Account Verification System
  • CVV2/CVC2
  • Duplicate card checking
  • Last four-digit entry
  • Password protection of key functions.

With these tools, your operators can confirm the cardholder’s identity on the spot by keying in information unique to the cardholder – such as the card verification code, last four digits of the card, or other elements used with AVS.

Premium Card Solutions strongly advises against removing POS terminal fraud protection features, as this may render your business unable to detect fraudulent cards and protect against financial losses.

Online reporting

Quick access to transaction data allows you to identify trends that might indicate fraudulent activity or improper operating procedures. Premium Card Solutions merchants can also call on us to analyze transactions, identify trends and offer corrective measures – either company-wide or at an individual location.

Payment Brand Data Security

Compliance with payment brand and industry security programs is not only required, but is also beneficial, helping you maintain a positive business reputation while protecting your customers against fraud.

POS Equipment Protection

Criminals seeking to steal payment card data are increasingly targeting POS terminals. Such illegal activities include accessing POS terminals and inserting a “bug” that reads cardholder data and associated PINs. Other tactics include installing miniature cameras or video recording devices aimed at PIN-entry devices.

Premium Card Solutions recommends these steps to help reduce the risk of having your terminals compromised:

  • Protect your POS equipment – track your POS terminals and their serial numbers; routinely inspect terminals and PIN-entry devices to confirm serial numbers and ensure there are no signs of tampering
  • Safeguard your POS equipment and the surrounding area – use secure stands, tethers or security cables to prevent equipment “swaps;” check the retail environment for unauthorized hidden recording devices; install security cameras
  • Train your staff on POS equipment tampering prevention – help employees recognize the noticeable signs of equipment tampering; validate all POS equipment service and repair technicians
  • If you work with a third-party to manage your POS equipment – it’s important that you alert your vendor of vulnerabilities related to remote access to the POS. You should require your vendor to take steps to secure and maintain your POS systems in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). In addition, the following security practices should be implemented to mitigate your risks of fraud from remote access to your POS:1. Disable remote access from the Internet, or turn it on only when necessary.
    2. Only use remote management applications that offer strong security controls.
    3. Use the most current version of a remote access product or service.
    4. Always change the system (or manufacturer) default passwords.
    5. Restrict remote access credentials only to third parties who need access.
    6. Enable data encryption and logging features.
    7. Implement a hardware-based firewall with advance security features.
Manage Chargebacks

Efficient management of chargebacks and timely responses to retrieval requests can help your business combat fraudulent claims.

Customer Service and Chargeback Support

You can rely on experienced customer service representatives and chargeback specialists to answer your questions about fraud and assist you in responding to any chargebacks you receive. Contact customer service online or call 888.780.9595.

Chargeback Department direct contact 800.231.8680.

Merchant Support Center

Enjoy access to helpful information through our online Merchant Support Center. You’ll find tips on reducing fraud and chargebacks, plus answers too many questions about payment processing.