Emailed Statements

Choose From Email or Online Statements

As a Premium Card Solutions merchant, you can choose from email or online statements, allowing you to securely view and store your monthly statements on your own computer.

There are many other reasons why e-statements make sense:

  • Email and online statements arrive or are available faster and more predictably than postal mail.
  • You can archive and print your monthly statements quickly and easily.
  • By eliminating paper, you enhance your account security.
  • Your choice helps the environment.

To sign up for emailed statements contact us online or call 888.780.9595.

How to Read Your Statement

We know that if a statement is difficult to read, it’s difficult to use. That’s why we asked merchants what would benefit them the most. Then we designed our statements to match your requirements—user-friendly format, easy-to-read sections, simple reconciliation, a breakdown of fees and a summary of transaction qualification.

To make reading your statement even easier, we’ve put together a brief How to Read Your Statement Guide you can use as you get familiar with the different sections of your statement.